Recent Success Stories

Recent Client Success Stories

To give you a small example of some of my most recent clients:


1. A lad just turned 18 suffering with panic and anxiety attacks and subsequent association with food and eating behaviour – needed two sessions to effect positive change and we had immediate changes from the very first session. He had been suffering for longer than 12 months


2. A young lady in her early 30’s, very intelligent with PhD university degree who held a very responsible position had been losing sleep and had lost her confidence and ability to make decisions. She was aware of her thoughts and worrying all the time but didn’t know how to stop it. She had struggled with this for some time and refused to take medication. We only needed two sessions and she is now fine.


3. A man in his early 30’s who had suffered such a severe panic attack at work that the paramedics had been called out because it was thought it was a suspected heart attack. He had also developed health anxiety. Three sessions and he was fine.


4. A young man out on a night out with his friends and suffered a severe anxiety/panic attack completely out the blue. As above, the paramedics were called out. Three sessions and he was fine.


5. A young lady aged 17, who had suffered since she was 14 years old with panic and anxiety attacks. To the point when she saw me that she was anxious about leaving the house to go to the shops or college. She had already received cognitive therapy via the NHS and also seen psychiatrists. Her mum had found me through a recommendation from someone I had already helped. Three sessions and she is on her way to being panic free and more confident.


6. A middle aged lady, who, we found, had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since the birth of her first child. A worrier by nature she suffered a severe physical condition with palpitations, numbness and fatigue after completing a charity race. She was taken to hospital and checked out physically ok. She was given a high dosage of betablockers (propranolol) and was still on those when she saw me. She reported feeling better after the first session and two weeks later took a personal decision to stop taking the medication. She is now fine after three treatment sessions.


7. An 18 year old lad who arrived with an extreme fear of wasps and bees and anything similar. In the summer, at family gatherings outside he would stay in the house for fear of a wasp or bee being outside. The fear related back to when he was 6 years old and had an experience then with wasps.

We only needed one session and he reported back that he could now remove bees and wasps from the house himself with a piece of paper.


8. A man in his 30’s who arrived with an extreme needle phobia, to the extent that he told me that he had had a recent operation on his arm without anaesthetic because of his needle phobia! We only needed one session.


9. A gentleman in his early 30’s a professional chap who was a manager over large projects suddenly started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, which he had never before experienced. He saw his GP before seeing me so was on medication (Citalopram) when we effected treatment. He wanted to try the medication first before he came to see me but found it didn’t actually fix anything and the anxiety and panic came back. We needed just two sessions to get him back on course and free of the anxiety and panic.


10. A lady in her early 60’s who had started to suffer anxiety and panic attacks and had not slept properly since her childhood years! We took two sessions to remove the anxieties and with a further two sessions she was experiencing a good night’s sleep for the first time since her childhood (and yes, it was a childhood fear that had been causing the sleep behaviour)


11. A professional chap in his early 40’s that had started to experience severe anxiety when it came to public speaking. This had again affected him all his life and again went back to a childhood experience, as above. He had since started to suffer with depression and was on anti-depressants. We had excellent results from the first session, gradually removed the anxiety with regard to public speaking and by the fourth session we were working on areas to tweak what he wanted in the future.


12. A company director who had started to suffer general anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder). A very capable man that had experienced far more stress in his life before that he was currently experiencing but was now finding himself with a very distressing and uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and uneasiness which he had never experienced before. We took just two sessions and I haven’t seen him since. On checking with him he assured me that the general anxiety has disappeared completely and he didn’t feel he needed to come and see me again.


13. A professional chap, ex-forces, who had suddenly experienced a very severe and debilitating panic and anxiety attack whilst working abroad for his company and had to be flown home. He had never experienced this before despite having been in extremely stressful situations in his life previously. He was very severe when I saw him and had already been referred to and seen a psychiatrist. He did not continue with the psychiatrist as he had been recommended to me by someone I had treated before. By the fourth session he said he was ‘fixed’ (he was a very logical chap!) and didn’t feel he needed to see me anymore.


14. A lady in her mid 20’s, a mum and someone who still held down a job as well, who had been suffering for some while with what had become very severe and sometimes overwhelming anxious thoughts to the point whereby she was becoming very irrational with her thinking, particularly about her health and well being. We took four sessions to complete on matters and she is now better than she has ever been before.


15. An ex SAS (Special Air Service) man, now retired, in his early 70’s that had suddenly started to experience anxiety and panic attacks. This man was not afraid of anything and had been trained to tackle both psychological and physical extremes. His experiencing anxiety was alien to him and made him more anxious because he had no way of controlling it. We took three sessions.


16. A young lady taking her university exams that had already suffered an anxiety attack that had prevented her sitting her first exams (part of this was ‘performance anxiety’). She is now absolutely fine and the last email that I received from her was to tell me she had passed her exams and was now a different person much more confident and happy.


17. A young lady in her mid - twenties that had suffered with anxiety since her early teens. A very confident individual who had travelled to many countries and enjoyed doing exactly that. Had returned to the UK and was suffering severely now with great anxiety just travelling in a car or going to the shops. Had immediate relief and positive change from the very first session and continuing to improve as she applied herself to the AFF Program.

18. A single mother in her mid twenties that had suffered with anxiety for many years. Had tried the medication route which didn't work. Her anxiety had progressed to a health anxiety with increasing thoughts about dying etc; She travelled to me on the recommendation of someone I had previously treated. She diligently applied herself to the program and is now in control of her thoughts, does not experience anxiety and unnecessary worry thoughts any more

19 A young lady in her early twenties that had previously attended Cognitive Behaviour Therapy supplied by the NHS in the UK. She was newly pregnant and the anxiety and panic attacks had returned. Her sleep had also begun to be affected. The anxiety had presented itself far worse than before with undue and irrational thoughts entering her mind she thought she was losing her mind. She came to me through recommendation of a previous client I had helped. With just  one session under our belts she was immediately calmer, happier and more confident. I see her for her second session this week

As you can see from the above anyone of any age, no matter who they are or whatever they may do can suffer with anxiety, panic, fear or phobia. Everyone is individual to the way it may present itself.

Over the years the AFF Program, after treating many thousands of people, has been developed to provide a unique and tailored way for you to release yourself of anxieties and fears and to live your life with peace of mind, in control, happy, confident and comfortable.


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