About the AFF Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AFF Program?

A complete, concise, proven way for you to rid yourself of fears, phobias, worries, concerns, anxiety, panic attacks, stress in the shortest time possible, permanently! 

This program has already proven successful in helping many thousands of people suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias and stress.

What's in the AFF Program for you?

Complete peace of mind knowing that all you need to do is to apply yourself to the one program that will work for you and remove your anxiety, fears, worries, panic attacks and stress.

Who is behind the AFF Program?

Kevin Garrington, - Kevin runs his own private practice, a NHS registered and qualified therapist who has been helping people remove their panic attacks, worries, fears, anxieties and phobias since 1997. 

A qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP and CBT Practitioner with more than twenty years experience and having helped near 3000 clients

The UK's Leading Therapist in this field, Kevin continues to help anxiety , fear and phobia, stress and panic attack sufferers daily at his private practice Anxiety and Stress Clinic located in Worcester, England in the UK.

How do I know this will work for me?

More than 20 years of hands on, practical application of this program has helped many thousands of people become anxiety and stress free.  It's proven itself to work with everyone that works it.


The program has been designed in such a way that as long as you apply yourself to it it will work for you. It's not complicated, you will be amazed at how simple it is

What guarantee do I have that this will work for me?

 With many thousands of people, just like yourself, having already become worry, anxiety and stress free with this program I am so confident that I know it will work for you that when I sold the program I gave a full 100% money back guarantee. You have even greater peace of mind now knowing will remove the anxiety in a very short time no cost

In my experience, if you apply yourself to the program I have known sufferers make dramatic changes in less than an hour whilst working with me at my Clinic. The Program is designed to custom fit the individual by being tailored to suit your natural inner workings meaning that within a matter of hours, days and weeks you have permanent changes.  You literally have nothing to lose apart from those fears, anxieties, panic attacks and worry!


But ... is it for me?

Yes... The AFF Program can help YOU... no matter what your age, career or gender! Whether you are a business man or woman, retired, a home maker, a student, the AFF program will work for YOU!

It is a proven method that has helped thousands of people from all walks of life, I have treated and helped a wide range of people ... from a child of 11 to a elderly (ex SAS) gentleman of 72!

How long will it take for the AFF program to work for me?

 As long as you apply yourself to the program I  have seen immediate changes. I use this same program with my face to face clients in my practice and I expect to see positive change from its immediate application. The Rapid Removal Technique to remove an anxiety/panic attack within seconds takes just minutes to learn and begin to apply. Everyone is individual in their process of change so you have to be respective of this. One thing I can say to you is that I have never had anyone that has needed more than  2 to 3  weeks to be permanently anxiety and stress free when I have worked personally with them. This program works, all you need to do to achieve peace of mind is apply yourself to it.

As the UK's Leading Therapist in this field - I offer you the opportunity to have personal, one to one,  access to me no matter where you are in the world

What other program has the confidence to give you this?

Why should you do this?

The fact is you don't have to do anything but sadly, in my experience, someone suffering with anxiety never gets rid of their anxiety unless they apply the correct intervention. In many cases that I see the anxiety gets progressively worse if its not nipped in the bud with the right program of help. I give you strategies and tools that are simple to apply and that are very profound in their application helping you to achieve complete ease and peace of mind in any situation.


My promise to you is that you will never be able to get stressed, worried or anxious ever again!


Bold words you may think but I continue to help people achieve this every day, week in, week out at my practice in Worcester, England and have done since 1997 so I can very confidently say this will work for you.

What do I need to do next to become anxiety - stress - worry  - fear - panic attack free?

Let me ask you a question ...

'If you applied yourself over a few days or a couple of week and you were then anxiety and stress free for the rest of your life would you say that was a good deal?' - I certainly would


You can simply take the Anxiety Free Forever Program and apply it. You have absolutely nothing to lose. The fact is that you don’t need to do anything; but what you do know is that if you do nothing then nothing will change.


The Anxiety Free Forever Program is currently available for you free of charge instantly online by simply filling in the online form HERE or by personal, confidential consultation at the Clinic with me personally

simply ring or email me to book an appointment

Can I arrange a private consultation with you?


Of course you can. The Anxiety and Stress Clinic is open Monday to Friday for appointments. Simply give me a call or email me. 

My Personal Message To You

If you suffer from anxiety, generalised anxiety, specific anxiety, panic/anxiety attacks or stress, fears or phobias then I'm confident that I can help you. Why so confident? I have been a qualified, fully trained and registered therapist in my own private practice helping people overcome and rid themselves of these conditions since 1997. What will give you great comfort and peace of mind is knowing that I have a 100% success rate in helping people in these areas.


I am located in Worcester, England, in the UK and the reason I have put this program together is because I have helped thousands of people in the many years I have been in practice and many anxiety sufferers are unable to travel to me to receive treatment. This program allows me to treat and help you now, no matter where you may live.


I have always looked to help my clients in the quickest, most effective way possible. Why? Because people pay me for my time and I respect their time and money so I look to help them remove their anxieties and become stress free as quickly as possible and stay anxiety and stress free permanently. Why continue to suffer when you can get relief NOW?!


What I do works, works naturally, and it will work for you. Apply yourself to the program and follow the advice and you are a very short time away from being anxiety and stress free. You get the wisdom, knowledge and my experience of more than 18 years of helping people rid themselves of these conditions. Why am I so confident in saying that what I do works, and works quickly? Simple, I work with the way the mind works, but have learned to work it to your advantage, which means that by the time you have finished the program you will NEVER be able to suffer anxiety or panic, be fearful or get stressed EVER again!


You do not need to understand how the mind works for the program to work for you; I simply like to give you an understanding of how the mind works. Greater understanding gives you greater knowledge.


In my experience, as long as you apply yourself to the program it will work for you


Imagine being free of your anxiety and stress free within a matter of days, this program is very profound, some people experiencing immediate changes. Imagine looking forward just a few days from where you are now and imagine and see yourself being calm and relaxed and free of anxiety and stress. Sound too good to be true? Difficult to imagine? Have you been suffering from anxiety for years and nothing has worked? At your wits end? Think you are losing your mind? On medication?


Practically everyone I see feels this way, some feel out of control, some feel they are losing their mind and nothing they do changes things. Practically everyone I see is already on some form of medication because that is the normal route, via their GP/Medical Practitioner,  that sufferers tend to take. In my experience medication can have a 'comfort blanket' effect but it does not fix the problem. What I do does, my program fixes the problem quickly, PERMANENTLY.


So what is the program? What does it mean to you? It means applying yourself for a very short time to some very, very simple proven techniques and strategies that will then allow you to be anxiety, panic and stress free for the rest of your life. The majority of anxiety sufferers I help don't believe me when I say that within a matter of minutes having learned the Rapid Removal Technique they will be eliminating their panic/anxiety attacks with in seconds and within a couple of weeks they will feel and be different, they will be entirely anxiety free; they too say that it sounds too good to be true......until a couple of weeks have passed, and sometimes just a matter of days, later! 

So what exactly is this program?

Everything I do in the AFF Program is based on totally natural therapies and treatments that have proven to work. The program will work with or without medication; it does not matter that you may already be on medication - see my FAQ for more on medication. 

The program consists of the Anxiety Free Forever pdf Instruction Manual, Instruction videos and four audio mp3's containing four separate audio hypnotherapy treatments , plus free ongoing support by way of email and personal Skype sessions should you feel you need them. The Skype sessions are an additional option available to you that you can take advantage of should you feel that you need to, they are personal one to one pre-arranged consultations where we can speak together confidentially via Skype at an agreed convenient time and for a specified duration. This is an added option and is not critical for you to take. The main program will work for you without the added personal, one to one, option. I offer the option simply because its there for you if you feel you need it. See the Program Description  for more information.

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